5 Spring Shoe Trends I am liking!

I am a sucker for shoes as you might have realized already! So much that I sometimes end up sitting at parks and staring at what shoes people are wearing. This Blog is a result of one such staring exercise…

As Spotted: The top 5 spring shoe trends this year…

1 2 3 4 5I love the Candy wedges the most but! What about you? And here’s an incentive for you to go Shoe shopping this Spring. 10% off on all products from Naturalizer with this special coupon.. Tell me tell me! Which one will you buy?


I love you mom!

When I was around 14, I met with an accident. I will leave out the gory details and skip right to the post-Surgery part. I was bedridden for a good 4 months, and for someone who never stayed inside the house, this was like a huge adjustment. I ended up being all depressed and moody, snapping at everyone. The person who had to put up with most of my temper tantrums, was my mother.

When I look back now, I realize I was nothing less than nasty back then. And trust me! I wouldn’t have put up with myself for more than a week. But my Mom did. Not only did she put up with me, she took care of me with nothing less than a smile. She rewarded my temper tantrums by cooking me all the dishes I loved. She stroked my hair every time I screamed and bought me dozens of my favorite comics every time I hurt her. I started walking in about 4 months and the temper tantrums kind of stopped but talk about unconditional Love.

Only a mother can actually love you with all your mistakes, be proud of you through all your shortcomings and never hold a grudge even when you let her down a million times.. And There is just one thing to say back to her. Mom, I love you!

Image courtesy: Amanda Greavette

Image courtesy: Amanda Greavette

4 out of the box gifts to give your mom for Mother’s day!

This Sunday is special for us mommies. It is after all, the one day of the year WE get a chance to get pampered. (For a change!) But the problem is, the people who have to be pampering us are clueless on what to get us. And trust me, the last minute flowers and chocolates are BORING. We LOVE good greeting cards, but that doesn’t mean a greeting card is enough! So here are 4 out of the box surprises you can gift your mom for this mother’s day.

1. A day at the spa.

Seriously. This is a gift that works not only for the girlfriends but also for the moms. Don’t worry about being able to afford it. There are quite a few Mother’s day discounts out there you can use. This coupon gives you 15% on a massage!

Pamper your mom a little more! 


2. Give her a little makeover

Guess who never had time to take care of herself since you were born? Your mom! I remember the phase where I didn’t have time to even go to the local parlor for what seems like years! Your mom always puts you before her and it is time to repay! Gift her a makeover. Make her feel younger. That feeling will stay at least for weeks unlike flowers. If you can’t afford a full makeover, just take her for a haircut. You have no idea how confident it leaves women feeling! Here’s a 30% discount coupon you can use for this

If you can’t afford an entire makeover, try gifting her a haircut!

3. Propose to your mom!

No! You did not read that wrong. This works especially if you have already decided to gift your mom jewelry. Just ask yourself. Why do you love your mom. Write a speech. On mother’s day, go down on a knee, tell your mom how much you love her and ask her to be your mom forever and more! She will be blown away, in tears and will remember this for the rest of her life. (Tried and tested by me and a few friends. Trust me, this works, in a weird way!) If you are yet to buy jewelry, lucky you! We just found this 50% off coupon for you!

Propose. to your mom!

4. Take her out for coffee or tea!

You know what your mom most wants from you? Some time. So give her just that. Take her out on a long tea date and talk to her. She will appreciate this more than gifts! Teavana has a special Mother’s day offer running! Utilize it!

Take her out for coffee or tea!

You can do a lot more. Plan a surprise mother’s day party with Cake and stuff (which is what my sisters and I are planning for this year), or send her away on a holiday with friends or maybe just a free swing at the Casino or get her home cleaned for her. The options are limitless. If you want some ideas though, visit this page: Special coupons for Mother’s day. And once you decide, do let me know what you are planning. Would be interesting to see new ideas!

Recipes with Coffee – Beyond the Cuppa

Ok, maybe this is just a followup to the Recipes with Tea I posted earlier on. The whole cooking with what is generally perceived a beverage got me all kicked and wondering, what about coffee? The search immediately pointed me to a brilliant post that tells you exactly how to cook with coffee. And I started the expedition thinking I will find only dessert recipes with coffee, but was I in for a surprise! Here are some wonderful recipes I found that incorporates coffee into food.

So here they are:

2 entrees, 2 mains and 2 desserts, all to cook with Coffee!!

Smoky black bean soupSweet and spicy jerkeyShort ribs braised in coffee ancho chile sauce

3 ingredient prime rib roast with coffeecoffee streusel bundt cakeCandied Espresso walnuts

Some cool stuff right? Now for the confession. There was one more thing that kind of pushed me to look for coffee recipes. I realized I had 3 coupons to use when I bought coffee next!

a 25% off when I buy whole beans from Starbucks

An International Delight coupon for Iced Coffee and

10% off + free shipping on all Coffees of Hawaii orders

So I plan to use all these coupons, and much love on these recipes. I am just hoping all the coffee that is going in doesn’t give me insomnia. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this as much as you loved the Tea recipes. If you have some more recipes to add, do link them up in the comments.

And do let me know if there is any specific topic you want me to write about. Would love to oblige 🙂

Recipes with Tea – Beyond the Cuppa!

I chanced upon an old contest in Food52 for The Best Recipe With Tea and it really got me thinking! Before I get into more gyaan, here are some of the recipes I liked from the contest entries, that did not win!

Tea Smoked Duck Chai Spice Biscotti Earl Grey cured Salmon Tea Crusted Tofu

Which one are you planning to try? I really want to see how the Chai Spice Biscotti comes out, and am Slightly craving for the Tea crusted Tofu 😛

As for the tea I intend to use, it HAS to be a Teavana blend for me! Especially since I have a Buy One Get One offer on it…

Do like the post if you found it interesting. And do share your Tea based recipes in the comments with a line or two 🙂

5 steps to be Hot in glasses!

Oooooooh! Johnny!

Take one good look at Johnny Depp and tell me again that one can’t look hot in glasses? Ha! Got you there dint I?

So my friend has been prescribed glasses and she came home in tears and cried like her life was over! It took Johnny Depp, Heidi Klum, Megan Fox, and some joint glass shopping to make her smile, but yeah! It was worth it!

So I figured, I will tell you what we figured out together, on looking hot in glasses.

1. It is alright! Nothing changes!

The first thing to realize is that glasses do not change ANYTHING! Wearing a glass cannot take away what a nice person you are in the first place. So stay calm. Don’t act different cos you now have glasses to wear. Nothing has changed and nothing will. Relax alright?

2. Pick the perfect glass for you!

This is the tricky part. Take a friend or a sibling with you for the glass shopping. Try things on. 2 things you have to look. COMFORT and FIT. Comfort – ok! That part is self explanatory. Considering your main purpose behind buying glasses is to be able to see clearly, make sure your glasses solve that purpose, and don’t hurt you in the process, especially on your ear or nose.

Next part, see which glass looks good on your face. Take the opinion of your friend here seriously, cos they are the ones that see you. Here is a really good resource on finding the right style of glasses for your face.

And, NO NEON COLORS unless you are completely sure you can carry it off!

Get the glass that suits your face best!

3. Save on the Price!

OK. So once you have picked a style of glass for yourself, go on home and buy it online. You can get the same glass for almost half the price! What happens here is that you psychologically feel a lot happier when you finally get your glasses. Cos you saved money on it! And it kind of translates into your relationship with your glasses. You feel proud and comfortable about them. Talk about a Win-Win!

Happy Glasses! yay!

4. Get a Backup Glass!

Just in case there is an issue with your glass and you need to give it away for service, get a backup glass and keep it in your cupboard. This could even be cheap plastic glasses that come in various designs anyway! Something like this should work. And it comes with a 20% discount!

5.  Maintain those glasses!

This could very well be the most important step. Clean your glasses regularly and make sure it is given for service at least once a year. Only dirty, unclean glasses could make you look like a dork. Not the cool, clean fun ones. They actually make you look stylish for that matter! Hot even 😉

And it is that simple! So stop fretting friends. The glass could very well just make you hotter! Let me know what you think about this on the comments section. Would love to hear more from you!

4 steps to a brand new Living room

So I was just off doing some Monday morning Browsing when this post hit my eye! And guess what happened? It planted an idea in my head! The Idea quote from Inception Ah! Leo! *Swoooon*.Ok. I digress. Thing is, I suddenly want a living room makeover! At least a dream makeover plan for later! After I feverishly pinned away a whole lot of Living room ideas, I took a good look at my current Living room. You remember how I was thinking about getting a new couch in my Spring Cleaning post? For some reason, I procrastinated! Now I understand why! Our living room is compact! I like it that way. I am not comfortable with huge living rooms. It has a couple of large windows facing the lawn. We had painted the walls grey initially when we were in that Grey phase. Planning to change it altogether now. Here are the steps to planning out (Or dreaming about) a living room makeover!

1. Pick a Color Palette 

I guess this has to be the very first step. If you are stuck with matching the best colors with each other, take some help from COLOURLOVERSAs for me, this is the palette I am considering: COLOURlovers

I know it looks bland as a palette. But Maybe if you look at this one, you might kind of an idea. But I am looking at a lot more subtle version of this one!

Nice right? Now that we have chosen the color palette, its time to move to step 2!

2. Take measurements & Make a layout

This one is a little obvious right? We need to plan what goes where. Especially if your living room is a little small, like mine, this step is very important. We can end up cluttering the space too much otherwise! First measure out the room, and note it down. Decide how much of the floor space you can give for furniture. If you want your living room to be breezy, this can’t be more than 40% of your floor space. Next, take a paper and pen and draw out the shape of your room and then decide what things you want to add to it! A seating area and a TV might be almost mandatory. Do you want to put a book shelf and maybe a little home office there? Whatever, just draw it down.

Make a hand-drawn layout


3. Start Shopping!

Here comes the fun part. From the wall paints to the carpets, we need to shop or window shop all the elements of the room. The Walls In my case, I am painting the walls white. I will be using Sherwin Williams High Reflective White. I am using this discount coupon to get $10 off on this! But I am going to paint just one wall, Mandarin Orange. And then add to it a nice White frames, or a Bold “Keep Calm and Carry On” or something like this: The Sofa

I really need to give extra attention to this one. My husband takes the term “Living room” literally. He LIVES on the sofa, for most of the day. However, I am not going to let that affect my budget! I am considering this 2 + 1 combo for the Sofa. They are already on sale.. But I am using this coupon to get an extra 10% off Coffee Table I am really liking this Coffee table from Surplus Furniture to go with the sofas. The extra tables should do nicely near the window with a vase and near the sofa with a lamp! Considering they have a Buy a sofa and get a coffee table for a penny Offer , I might just change my mind about the sofa if I find something nice in their store!

Curtains, lamps and other accessories

The plan right now is to get Teal curtains, Yellow lamp, Orange, yellow and teal cushions, and some funky trinkets to go on the table! I intend to shop mostly at stores with discount to save on the money side!

and how cool are these kid chairs.. Might just add one in Yellow and one in Teal if it comes at a reasonable price:

4. Get your family involved

Let them be a part of the design and shopping as well. That way, the living room will truly become the family room.

That is it! 4 steps for a brand new Living Room 🙂 What colors are you going with and what furniture are you dreaming about. Would love to hear all about it. Add your comments.. Will mean a lot to me!

Recipes for Cinco De Mayo

Do you like Mexican Food? Well, I LOVE Mexican food! And what better excuse to eat and drink Mexican all than Cinco De Mayo

I am going to shamelessly admit that I am going to be hogging all day long. I have already picked my Favorite recipe sources though. Thought I will share them with you!

1. Over 43 Top Mexican Recipes at Food Network

2. A very long list of Mexican at Betty Crocker

My favorite though, was this Mexican Margherita

3. OMG! Churro Truffles

4. Bite size Taco Cookies

5. Authentic Tomatillo Shrimp Ceviche

There! The top 5 links I am gonna be checking on for all the food I plan to make for Cinco De Mayo! I have added a few more links in my Pinterest board – You should take a look!

And I have a special recommendation. I have been using Dofino Havarti Cheeses quite a bit lately and I have to say I am slowly falling in love with them! What’s not to love really? They come light on the pocket as well (I am talking about a Discount coupon here!)

Ok. Enough talking now. Back to the Kitchen! There is a feast that needs preparing!

Fashion Seasons

Fashion Seasons

A fashion calendar for every season, starting with Spring 🙂

10 Space Movies to remember on Space Day!

I do not believe much in co-incidences you see… There should have been a very good reason why the National Space Day falls on a Friday every year. Friday aka movie day. And it is, again no co-incidence that we churn out so many space movies every single year, the latest being Oblivion with the super hot Tom Cruise! Ok. I digress.

Space Day + Movie Day = (Space + Movie) Day = Space Movie Day! (See, I am not so bad with math!)

And so, I have decided to spend this Space Movie day with my favorite Space movie! It is one of the following 10 🙂 Take a wild guess! These are not necessarily movies on space ships and Moon and Mars. They have a hint of Space, but are in general, wonderful movies! Oh and the list is in no particular order.

1. Armageddon

If the first movie that came to your head when I said Space movie was Armageddon, Hi-five! Here’s a scene that gives me goosebumps every time I see it!

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