10 Space Movies to remember on Space Day!

I do not believe much in co-incidences you see… There should have been a very good reason why the National Space Day falls on a Friday every year. Friday aka movie day. And it is, again no co-incidence that we churn out so many space movies every single year, the latest being Oblivion with the super hot Tom Cruise! Ok. I digress.

Space Day + Movie Day = (Space + Movie) Day = Space Movie Day! (See, I am not so bad with math!)

And so, I have decided to spend this Space Movie day with my favorite Space movie! It is one of the following 10 🙂 Take a wild guess! These are not necessarily movies on space ships and Moon and Mars. They have a hint of Space, but are in general, wonderful movies! Oh and the list is in no particular order.

1. Armageddon

If the first movie that came to your head when I said Space movie was Armageddon, Hi-five! Here’s a scene that gives me goosebumps every time I see it!

2. The Angry Red Planet

Have you seen this one? This must have been one of the oldest Space movies ever made! I have to admit I like the trailer 😉

3. Independence Day

Ah! Come on! You can’t not remember this one..

Independece Day

4. E.T

This possibly was the earliest memory of a movie that had something to do with Space, for me. I used to watch this movie on tape every weekend and had every single dialogue memorized. Those were the days!


5. Avatar

A couple of years back, Avatar came and swept our feet away with sheer magical brilliance! I was definitely one of those people who gasped loudly and ranted animatedly when the movie didn’t the Oscar for Best Movie and Best Director!

6. Wall. E

Is there anyone here that doesn’t love Pixar? This movie had to be one of their bests! And the hero too! Say hi to Wall.E with me!

Wall E

7. Guess which movie this one is?

Looks like one of these trekkers had a prototype of Google Glass way back then itself!


8. Zathura – A Space Adventure

Okay, it probably wasn’t as good as Jumanji! But this movie was kinda fun wasn’t it?

9. Apollo 13

Ok, so this movie is partly making this list because it is my husband’s favorite Space movie.. But mostly, it is here cos Tom Hanks is in it!

10. Star Wars series

You really thought I will finish this list without Star Wars in it? Ha ha! Lets see.. Can you name all of these guys?


So, have you guessed which Space Movie I might be watching today to celebrate Space Day? Which one is your favorite btw? I know this is nowhere close to a complete list. So feel free to add some more space movies to the list on the comments! Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂


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