Recipes with Coffee – Beyond the Cuppa

Ok, maybe this is just a followup to the Recipes with Tea I posted earlier on. The whole cooking with what is generally perceived a beverage got me all kicked and wondering, what about coffee? The search immediately pointed me to a brilliant post that tells you exactly how to cook with coffee. And I started the expedition thinking I will find only dessert recipes with coffee, but was I in for a surprise! Here are some wonderful recipes I found that incorporates coffee into food.

So here they are:

2 entrees, 2 mains and 2 desserts, all to cook with Coffee!!

Smoky black bean soupSweet and spicy jerkeyShort ribs braised in coffee ancho chile sauce

3 ingredient prime rib roast with coffeecoffee streusel bundt cakeCandied Espresso walnuts

Some cool stuff right? Now for the confession. There was one more thing that kind of pushed me to look for coffee recipes. I realized I had 3 coupons to use when I bought coffee next!

a 25% off when I buy whole beans from Starbucks

An International Delight coupon for Iced Coffee and

10% off + free shipping on all Coffees of Hawaii orders

So I plan to use all these coupons, and much love on these recipes. I am just hoping all the coffee that is going in doesn’t give me insomnia. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this as much as you loved the Tea recipes. If you have some more recipes to add, do link them up in the comments.

And do let me know if there is any specific topic you want me to write about. Would love to oblige 🙂

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