Raincheck.it is not your usual deals site. We don’t sell discounted products. We don’t say you get something only if hundred others buy it with you! We just give you the DISCOUNTS themselves. Sometimes for free, and sometimes for as less as $1. So when you go buy diamonds or grocery next time, all you have to do is pick a 50% OFF coupon from us, and avail it, whether your bill is $10 or $100,000, whether you buy a ring or a pendant or diapers for your baby! That simple!

This facebook page however, is not about our company. This is our little meeting point with beautiful people like you. This page, is about YOU! Not us. Here you shall find stuff about Healthy Food, Running a home, Raising kids, Saving money, Fun stuff, DIY projects and lots more. Plus free stuff to keep you happy! Also, the best deals in town!

Just make us one little pinky promise! That you will stay close forever 🙂

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