Birthday Bash on a Budget! Race car theme!

My nephew’s Birthday is coming up next week and I, being my usual enthusiastic self have taken up the party planner role. Now both my sister and I are budget conscious and don’t believe in spending lavishly for a birthday party. But at the same time, we also want the party to be Grand and a total hit! Snicker all you want, but I am just about to prove to you that this is possible!

The first step in planning a Fab birthday party is selecting a theme. In our case, it was pretty obvious. While my Nephew, lil Dave, loves to play King every now and then, he is very clear on what he wants to be when he grows up. A Car Racer. (Blame it on his father’s F1 addiction!) So we were planning a Racer Themed Birthday Party!

The Invite

This is a fairly simple DIY project! We will be making flag shaped invites by printing Black and white checkered pattern on one side and the invitation wordings on the other side, Cutting it out and attaching to a stick.

Race flag for invitation

This is how it might end up looking!

The Center Table

Again, this was easy. Dave has a big collection of Hotwheels, that being the only gift he ever wanted since he was very young. Plus an acquired collection from his father. The Center table will be a little race car exhibition, which will let him show off his super car collection. We already made an inspiration board.

Inspiration for the center table!

Inspiration for the center table!

The Cake

Ok, I just lucked out here! My sister makes AMAZING cupcakes. So we are planning to make cupcakes with Black or white frosting, arrange them to look like a flag and attach checkered mini flags on them. Something like these, but with race flag instead:

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes

The Chocolate ones need to look darker, but yeah, something like this!

The pitstop – Food and snacks counter

Car shaped Sandwiches are a given.

Car shaped sandwiches! Adorable + Healthy

Car shaped sandwiches! Adorable + Healthy

My sister is totally in love with these traffic light biscuits. We definitely intend to make this one together.

Traffic light Biscuits

Traffic light Biscuits

Keeping with the traffic light idea, we might scoop out watermelons and cantaloupes, add grape or kiwis to it and make a fruit skewer with a race flag toothpick. That should be fun!

Traffic light fruit skewers

Traffic light fruit skewers – Need to add a raceflag to these!

Games and activities

A car race obviously?

A car race with a DIY racetrack made of Cardboard!

A car race with a DIY racetrack made of Cardboard!

Or Fix the wheel! Basically, you have a car without wheels drawn on a big chart paper. And you give the kids 4 cut out wheels with board pins. They need to fix the wheel in the right place, blindfolded. This is so much fun for the people who are watching as well.


Giveaways and favors

I know this is what you were waiting for! How do I give racing car favors in a budget right? Ha! This should show you how:

Spare Tires aka Oreos in a box!

Favors: Spare Tires aka Oreos in a box!

A couple of Oreos in a black and white checked box or DIY checked paper bag, with Spare Tires written on them! Inspired by CatchmyParty. Isn’t that smart?

The Birthday Gift

This was obvious right from the start right? We are obviously gifting him some more hotwheels. But this falls in our budget as well. Because we have a Special Discount coupon for it!

See? Having a super cool birthday bash in a budget is that easy. Just needs a little creativity and some DIY time! What kind of birthday bash are you planning? Maybe we could come up with a plan together? Do let me know how you planned a birthday party in a budget, in the comments. Would be lovely to know! Now, I better get to the DIY projects. I sure have a lot to do. See you tomorrow.

PS: Dave says Hi and invites you to his Birthday party 🙂

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