May Day Basket – Recipes for a special day!

Let me start this post by wishing all the women out there, a very happy May Day! If this was a day to celebrate people who worked hard, it has to be a day to celebrate us Moms, wives and all of us power women! It beats me how we manage so many different roles with such ease!


But May Day is not just about labor and hardwork. May Day is also a day to celebrate the coming of Spring! I was reading up and found this excerpt in Wikipedia

 Fading in popularity since the late 20th century is the giving of “May baskets,” small baskets of sweets and/or flowers, usually left anonymously on neighbors’ doorsteps

That sounds like a super fun idea! Wonder why this idea would fade. I have decided to do my part to bring the May Baskets back in vogue. I am going to leave a few in my neighborhood today! And what do I put in the Mayday Basket? These are the recipes I am considering:





Strawberry Banana Bread


As for the baskets themselves, I am planning to use this one:

Homemade Brown Paper Baskets


Join me in celebrating this May Day the good ol’ way! Spread some love and some home made treats in the neighborhood! What recipes might you be trying? Drop a comment and let me know!

Happy May Day again 🙂 Hope you have loads of fun welcoming Spring!


3 Out of the box ways to make some money on the side!

“Being a mother takes a lot from you. Personally and financially. Don’t get me wrong here, I am the types that believes being a mom is the best blessing a woman can get. But in reality, it is demanding.

A lot of my friends who had high flying careers gave that up to be a hands-on mom. But once the child grows up a little, they had lost the gusto to go back to a full time job (Myself included), and if they did, the 4 year gap yawned wide on their resume. So we chose the freelance and consultation routes. Trust me, it gives you a lot to do while keeping your schedule totally flexible. However, it does leave you wanting a little bit more in terms of variety and money.”

This is an excerpt from the ranting that happened over my girlfriends’ dinner meetup yesterday. See, Maya, a good friend of mine has a wonderful husband who is an investment banker that earns quite a lot. So this ranting from her came as a surprise for us. She dissed our concern and simply said

“Ah! But what he earns, is at the end of the day, HIS money. Our money when it comes to family expenses yes, but I want some MY money! That I can spend without asking, without guilt!”

I see her point now. Don’t you? Having some MY money, always leaves you feeling more confident and independent. It is a good thing. Now show me one person who wouldn’t want some extra cash? That being said, we found the perfect solution for Maya. Maya paints. She also does a fair bit of screen printing. Real quirky stuff. We convinced her to make totebags and shopping bags with quirky prints. Check out one she had done as a gift for her meme crazy sister… cool right?

meme tote

You can stop staring! I know I am cute!

And Maya has promised to show us samples by a week. All is well that ends well. But this whole conversation got me thinking. This is something a lot of us want right? That extra guilt free My Money? Maya had a talent to tap on. I am sure you would too. Maybe with a little training you could start a little side business that gives you that extra cash?

Here are 3 out of the box ideas that could help you earn some extra cash!

1. Make and sell vinegars and Root beer from home!

I am sure nobody talks about this. But that is why this is a niche you should choose! As long as Salads and pickles stay in fashion, Vinegar will as well! And with everyone shifting to organic and home made products,  your neighborhood might give you a wider welcome that you think! This is a simple 3 hour class you could attend this weekend (28th April 2013)

Friendly Ferments - Learn to make vinegars, ciders, root beer and more in a 3 hour class!

Friendly Ferments – Learn to make vinegars, ciders, root beer and more in a 3 hour class!

My aunt attended this last week and swears by it. I am considering checking this out over the weekend. Join me maybe? Let me woo you with a 11% discount on the Course fee

2. Learn to make Jewelry and sell it online

Time and again, Jewelry and accessories are the biggest sellers on online marketplaces for designers! And making jewelry is fairly simple if you look and learn. The best part is you can sell these easily online, on the ebays and etsy’s of the world!

3. Learn to screen print. 

You could start with the 20$ kits available online but screen printing has so many uses. From printing wedding cards or birthday invites for friends to making t shirts and bags, you could become the go-to-person for customized anything in your neighborhood  You could sell these products online too!

How to screenprint

How to screenprint

These are just 3 top of mind ideas I am putting out this week, and I will keep pointing you at stuff you could earn from, as a regular feature! What say? Add more ideas in the comments section. I would totally love to hear some out of the box ideas to make money on the side!

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