5 Spring Shoe Trends I am liking!

I am a sucker for shoes as you might have realized already! So much that I sometimes end up sitting at parks and staring at what shoes people are wearing. This Blog is a result of one such staring exercise…

As Spotted: The top 5 spring shoe trends this year…

1 2 3 4 5I love the Candy wedges the most but! What about you? And here’s an incentive for you to go Shoe shopping this Spring. 10% off on all products from Naturalizer with this special coupon.. Tell me tell me! Which one will you buy?


5 steps to be Hot in glasses!

Oooooooh! Johnny!

Take one good look at Johnny Depp and tell me again that one can’t look hot in glasses? Ha! Got you there dint I?

So my friend has been prescribed glasses and she came home in tears and cried like her life was over! It took Johnny Depp, Heidi Klum, Megan Fox, and some joint glass shopping to make her smile, but yeah! It was worth it!

So I figured, I will tell you what we figured out together, on looking hot in glasses.

1. It is alright! Nothing changes!

The first thing to realize is that glasses do not change ANYTHING! Wearing a glass cannot take away what a nice person you are in the first place. So stay calm. Don’t act different cos you now have glasses to wear. Nothing has changed and nothing will. Relax alright?

2. Pick the perfect glass for you!

This is the tricky part. Take a friend or a sibling with you for the glass shopping. Try things on. 2 things you have to look. COMFORT and FIT. Comfort – ok! That part is self explanatory. Considering your main purpose behind buying glasses is to be able to see clearly, make sure your glasses solve that purpose, and don’t hurt you in the process, especially on your ear or nose.

Next part, see which glass looks good on your face. Take the opinion of your friend here seriously, cos they are the ones that see you. Here is a really good resource on finding the right style of glasses for your face.

And, NO NEON COLORS unless you are completely sure you can carry it off!

Get the glass that suits your face best!

3. Save on the Price!

OK. So once you have picked a style of glass for yourself, go on home and buy it online. You can get the same glass for almost half the price! What happens here is that you psychologically feel a lot happier when you finally get your glasses. Cos you saved money on it! And it kind of translates into your relationship with your glasses. You feel proud and comfortable about them. Talk about a Win-Win!

Happy Glasses! yay!

4. Get a Backup Glass!

Just in case there is an issue with your glass and you need to give it away for service, get a backup glass and keep it in your cupboard. This could even be cheap plastic glasses that come in various designs anyway! Something like this should work. And it comes with a 20% discount!

5.  Maintain those glasses!

This could very well be the most important step. Clean your glasses regularly and make sure it is given for service at least once a year. Only dirty, unclean glasses could make you look like a dork. Not the cool, clean fun ones. They actually make you look stylish for that matter! Hot even 😉

And it is that simple! So stop fretting friends. The glass could very well just make you hotter! Let me know what you think about this on the comments section. Would love to hear more from you!

10 hairstyles to try this spring!

The Spring ramps of 2013 clearly go to show that the mantra for this season is simple, casual and maybe even messy. And in all honesty, I like that. It is doable and practical. Here’s what I definitely want to try this season!

1. Long and Super-Straight

Long straight hair pulled together with a minimalistic band seems to be a popular trend this season. So if you have long hair, just straighten it, thin out the volume a bit and go for slightly layered edges. Get yourself some minimalist hairbands and you are done!

Poker straight hair is totally in this season!

2. Low pony tails

If you have medium to long straight or slightly wavy hair, this is a style you could get done in 30 seconds. the ultra low pony tails were seen all over the ramps this season, and I have to say they are really cool in a casual chic kind of way!

The ultra low pony tails

3. The super short

If you saw Charlize Theron’s latest hairdo, you probably already know that the super short cut is sure to trend this season! And for the power woman, this is a cut that is not just easy to maintain, it is also easy to carry off. But pick this style only if you are the slim types. The short hairdo tends to make curves look curvier, and might not suit the healthy body types.

Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment

4. The messy bun

Having a bad hair day? Wonderful. You just got yourself the hairstyle of the season. I am not being sarcastic at all over here. Just tie the hair up in a messy bun or knot and you have the most trending hairdo as seen on fashion weeks of this season.

Photo Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

5. Soft, natural waves.

If you have naturally wavy hair, awesome. If not, Ask your hair stylist to help you with a layer cut that will make your hair look bouncy and wavy. Use a serum to control the frizz and keep the waves soft. And Voila, you have yourself a good hair day…

Wave, naturally!

6. Take a side!

I mean, take a side partition. Yes, it is as simple as that. Works for any type of hair, and any length actually. The deeper the parting, the better! and the look is totally in this season.

Photo Credit: Michael Kovac/Getty Images Entertainment

7. The Braided look

Braids, messy or set well, are a statement by themselves this season. A few small braids on the side of an otherwise free flowing hair also works well. So which braid are you planning to try?

Photo Credit: Imaxtree

8. Long Bangs

Bangs are back, with a bang! You could even try a cropped fringe if you are the experimental types! however, what seems to be in vogue is the grown-out messy bangs worn on the side, or parted in the middle to hang near the eyebrows. Pick your style! But it is definitely the best time to get a bang!

Back with a Bang!

9. Take the ribbons out!

Ribbons, satin bowsgold hair bands, scarves, and even pearls on the hair seems to be thing to do, according to the stylists of the fashion weeks! So the inference is pretty clear. Accessorize. Period.

Accessorize. Period!

10. The Asymmetric A-line bob

The A-line bob has been popular for some time now! Add that to the side part that we already found out to be a thing this season, and you get the Asymmetric A-line bob. Beware though, this is a hair cut to experiment with only if you have naturally straight hair or have time to flat iron at least on alternate days!

Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/WireImage

They all look wonderful don’t they? Some of the cuts are actually pretty tempting as well right? Tell you what? I will be a good buddy and give you this discount coupon: 30% off on all hair and aesthetic services – Go on, grab and get  your haircut today, and rock on for all of Spring! Add your feedback on the comments people! Would love to hear which style is your favourite!

3 Shoes EVERY Woman should own

I am going Shoe shopping with friends this weekend and was looking for inspiration on what shoes I should be buying. And the more I looked, the more I saw patterns emerging. Almost every Fashion Guru suggests the same kind of shoes as must-haves!

The top 3 of all of the lists though, in no particular order:

Nude Peep toe pumps

The Nude Peep Toe Pumps work well with every single outfit in your closet, be it jeans or a cocktail dress, in a very elegant way. No wonder the fashion gurus call this a treasure to be had and a must-have in every closet!


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