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3 simple ways you can save the earth!




It is April 22nd. 43 years back, this day, 20 million Americans took to the streets, parks, and auditoriums to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable environment in massive coast-to-coast rallies. We are still fighting the battle today.

The climate changes are becoming more and more obvious and we are aware today of the environmental imbalances. But the question still remains! Where do we start?

Here are 3 simple oaths you can take today! 3 baby steps towards making this planet a little greener.

1. Recycle e-waste


The E-Waste Explosion

This number is actually terrifying! Click the image to see the full infometric

We are gadget addicts. We want the latest smart phone in the market. We also want the next generation tablet and the 3D TV that is making news everywhere! Plus that new super slim laptop. Nothing wrong with that. Our lives require us to be one up on every game, and be connected always! The problem however is  what we do with our old gadgets once new ones take their place!

First things first, Lets take an oath to take an effort and recycle e-waste. If you have extra time, collect e-waste from your community and deposit them at e-waste recycling centers! This is very easy! You just have to do this a couple of times a year. But the impact it has on the planet is immense!

2. Maintain your car for heaven’s earth’s sake!

Your car is costing the planet dearly!

Your car is costing the planet dearly!

Sometimes we can be lethargic about maintaining our vehicles. I am going to confess, I am pretty lazy myself when it comes to taking my car for its regular check ups. Sometimes you push it to the last minute since it could come with a bit of an expense! ¬†But we don’t realize what we are¬†inadvertently¬†doing to the planet by our lethargy!

Decreasing Vehicle pollution could be as simple as picking a fuel efficient car over fancy ones and giving it an oil change and tuning it regularly! On account of Earth Day, here’s a special coupon you can use at Mr.lube to save on your Oil change charges.

3. Take your own shopping bag!

The plastic bag menace is still not over!

The plastic bag menace is still not over! Poor piggie though!

I agree with you! Plastic bags are really convenient. But we have been told time and again that they are not as convenient for the planet. This is an extra effort, but lets take our own shopping bags to the store. Also, wherever possible, lets avoid packaged products and buy from local markets! Just one baby step in killing plastics from the face of the planet!

So are you with me on taking these 3 oaths to save the earth, even if by just a little bit?

DIY Sunday: 5 new projects to do with your kids

This sunday, the kids and I decided to go all out silly! And as I kept looking around for silly things to do, more silly things simply popped out! But here’s our fave 5 countdown for this Sunday!

5. DIY Ribbon headbands

It was a girly project, but since there was a boy involved, this got funny..

4. DIY Recycled Robots

We had a Robot roleplay after this which was the silly part! Fun but!

3. DIY erasers

Tee hee! We made a whole tea party set of erasers and god! was it fun!

2. Sock Puppet DIY

I promised my kids I will not dwell into detail on this one, but what followed the sock puppets was an hour of rolling down the floor laughing till our stomachs hurt! So yeah!

1. Crayon Melt Cards + Fridge Magnet Delights

It really can’t get sillier than this! Oh god! How much fun we had doing the crayon cards! YOU HAVE TO TRY this one ūüėÄ

So what are the DIY projects you are planning for this DIY Sunday? Share with me on the comments section. Would totally love to hear!

5 tips to carry that Baby bump in style!

You have just heard the most exciting news of your lifetime! You are Pregnant! So first things first, a big bear hug and congratulations! You are stepping into a magical journey full of beautiful surprises. 

However, it is also time to understand that your body will undergo a lot of changes through the next few months and that gorgeous baby bump is coming… Which means it is time to update your wardrobe to handle these changes.¬†

Being pregnant need not necessarily mean bulky boring clothes. You could be a total fashionista right through the next 4 trimesters (Yes, I mean 4! including the transition trimester post delivery) Here are 5 tips to carry that baby bump in style.

1. Know and expect the body changes

The average weight gain for a medium sized pregnant woman is 25 to 35 pounds (11.5 to 16 kg). And your belly is not the only area that will get bigger. You will soon notice curvier hips and thighs and fuller breasts. Your skin will also start to get very sensitive by the second trimester.

Your bra size will increase by 3 cups or more and the belly will expand by 15 inches (38 cm) to 43 inches during this period.

Keep a close watch on the changes your body goes through. And remember that your pregnancy clothes, while keeping you looking good also need to support your 3 Bs – the breasts, belly and back, and be gentle on your sensitive skin.

2. Pick A-lines and specially designed maternity tops

Of course, you could just wear your husband’s shirts or oversized T shirts, but they can never be as comfortable as tops specially designer for maternity wear!

Specially designed Maternity clothes

Pick up A-line tops or comfy maternity tops that will complement that pretty baby bump!

If you are on a tight budget, not an issue at all. Talk to your friends who have recently delivered babies, and they will totally love giving their maternity clothes a new home. Look for swap clubs in your locality, and the moms there might have some maternity tops to share as well! Just make sure you sterilize these clothes before starting to wear them!

Extra tip: DRESS IN LAYERS –¬†While it makes you look slimmer, it also keeps you warm!

3. Maternity pants – Make them or buy them

While elastics will work for casual wear, you will need of maternity denims and pants that can support that growing belly, while also keep you comfortably looking good. Yes these are a little expensive, But there are pants you can wear even after the pregnancy period. It will be good to invest in some.
However, if you can sew a little and are the DIY types, there are a lot of ways you can repurpose your existing pants into maternity pants! Here are some I loved:

DIY Stretchy Pocket Maternity pants

DIY Stretchy Pocket Maternity pants by See Kate Sew


DIY maternity jeans tutorial

The Simplest way to convert your jeans to maternity jeans

4. Get yourself a maternity dress

There will be weddings and events you might have to attend, while carrying that baby bump! So invest in a dress or two that can help you out there! I personally loved this one:

Isn't this maternity dress uber cute?

Isn’t this maternity dress uber cute?

Best part is, you can get this one, and other dresses at Thyme Maternity for a special discount with this coupon! Go pick it up! Consider this your pregnancy gift from me ūüôā

And go on and rock all the parties, carrying your baby bump in absolute style!

5. Invest in maternity Lingerie!

As much as you might think you don’t need to waste money on lingerie you will use just for a few months, your body will need the support and comfort of maternity lingerie! If you are buying your maternity lingerie from Thyme Maternity, you can use this $15 off coupon there and save some money!

There they are! The 5 super tips to keep you a fashionista during your pregnancy days! Liked them? Share them! If you have more tips, leave some comments with them too!

And hey, Happy preggie days!

How to be a Laundry Guru?

Spring is just around the corner and the last thing you want to do now is be stuck in your Laundry room! I hear you! Seriously! I do!

I will confess, I was no laundry guru a few weeks back myself, but if you know where to look and listen, you can be a laundry guru in no time! Here are some resources I found super useful.

Lets start from the basics! Have you ever wondered what that sign in the collar of your T shirt meant? Here is an exhaustive list of all the signs you would need to know about:

The Signs every Laundry Guru should know!

The Signs every Laundry Guru should know!

You are going to LOVE me for this one! I dug around and found a very cool video excerpt from the Better Show! Has some very simple and doable tricks for saving time when you do your laundry:

So you have washed the clothes! Dryer or line dry? This infographic should help you decide!

Do you have what it takes to Linedry your clothes?

Do you have what it takes to Line dry your clothes?

This image gives a quick run through on being environmentally conscious while doing your laundry! Click Through! Some very interesting tips there as well!

End the cycle! Sustainable laundry tips!

End the cycle! Sustainable laundry tips!

Last, but the MOST IMPORTANT! TLC’s website has the BEST tips on Laundry. I loved reading each and every one of these articles, and I guess you will too!

Some amazing tips on Laundry at TLC

Some amazing tips on Laundry at TLC

Few other blogs you might want to check out on this topic:

10 tips for keeping up with your laundry!

10 tips for keeping up with your laundry!


Mama's Laundry talk

Mama’s Laundry talk

If you liked these resources, Do share it with your friends! I would LOVE to see a comment from you too. We’ll talk again very soon! Adios till then!

5 ways to create the Perfect Nursery in a budget!

If you, like me go oooh! and awww! whenever you see a pretty little thing, you know it is difficult to dream in a budget. And when you dream about baby rooms and nurseries, the budget flies out the window. Ain’t no problem as long as you are just dreaming! When it comes to the real thing, how do you make the Perfect Nursey without selling your kidneys?

1. Pick a practical theme!

The theme is generally where the creative minds go haywire. I have personally drooled over  Cinderella Nurseries and Fairytale Nurseries But I also lose sleep dreaming of this DIY Superhero Nursery! But extraordinary DIY nurseries are probably things only crafters and magicians can accomplish. If you are a novice or Ms. AllThumbs like me, dream smart! Whatever the theme, decide to go minimal! Check out this Butterfly nursery. Its pretty, Extremely DIYable and comes well within your budget!


Same formula works for everything. Work with a minimalistic room and spice up the decor with simple DIY pieces to say the story!

2. Stick to the budget on Furniture

You will find a lot of gently used Cribs and baby furniture in garage sales and swap clubs. If you are particular about buying new furniture, first look for Discount coupons and work around that! For example, you could get this gorgeous crib for $20 less:


3. Don’t overspend on the bedding.

Read what this mom says:

We bought a really cute train-themed one from Land of Nod, but none of it was useful. Our son slept in our room for the first 7 months, so by the time he was ready to graduate to his crib, he moved around too much for bumpers to be safe, we had to move the crib mattress too low for the crib skirt to fit — and since you’re not supposed to use quilts for babies under one year old, the quilt just became a really expensive wall decoration.

A lot of other moms seem to agree. Instead of spending too much money on the quilt, just stick to crib sheets and receiving blankets in the theme you have decided on for the nursery. If you look closely, you might actually find a local artisan that can custom make you a mattress! Also, keep an eye out on discounts and deals from the second semester onwards and grab a good deal when you find one!

4. Get creative on Decor

If you open your eyes wide enough, you can find a lot of creative ways to make the decor pieces for the nursery out of nothing! Image

The wall hangings in this nursery actually came out of old story book covers!


A pin up board could become a dynamic and cost friendly decor idea too!

A jungle theme could have animal pictures cut out from magazines, put in frames with name tags, a princess theme can come to life by making a wall mural out of different tiaras you picked roadside! Just be bold and creative on this one and you might end up making a dream nursery for no extra cost at all!

5. Think Longterm

Look for a crib that turns into a toddler bed or a changing table that converts to a dresser. The longer you can use an item, the better its value. The crib we saw earlier,converts into full size bed, and is perfect value for money hence!

Have you followed these steps already and have a perfect nursery to flaunt? Show us! Link us to your DIY projects, but leave a line on how you made it possible too, in the comments section!

Remembering Vimy Ridge in Pictures

It is an emotional day for a lot of us here in Canada. A day to remember the thousands of soldiers we lost in the Vimy Ridge battle in 1917.

It is also a day we put our heads up in pride. Because this is the day our Country was reborn!


An Excerpt from the Canadian War Museum’s report on the Vimy Ridge Battle:

Many historians and writers consider the Canadian victory at Vimy a defining moment for Canada, when the country emerged from under the shadow of Britain and felt capable of greatness. Canadian troops also earned a reputation as formidable, effective troops because of the stunning success. But it was a victory at a terrible cost, with more than 10,000 killed and wounded.

The Canadian Corps was ordered to seize Vimy Ridge in April 1917. The Canadians would be assaulting over an open graveyard since previous French attacks had failed with over 100,000 casualties.

To capture this difficult position, the Canadians would carefully plan and rehearse their attack. To provide greater flexibility and firepower in battle, the infantry were given specialist roles as machine-gunners, rifle-men and grenade-throwers. These same soldiers underwent weeks of training behind the lines using models to represent the battlefield, and new maps crafted from aerial photographs to guide their way. To bring men forward safely for the assault, engineers dug deep tunnels from the rear to the front. “Chaps, you shall go over exactly like a railroad train, on time, or you shall be annihilated,” warned Canadian Corps commander Sir Julian Byng.

Attacking together for the first time, the four Canadian divisions stormed the ridge at 5:30am on 9 April 1917. Incredible bravery and discipline allowed the infantry to continue moving forward under heavy fire, even when their officers were killed. There were countless acts of sacrifice, as Canadians single-handedly charged machine-gun nests or forced the surrender of Germans in protective dugouts.

The Canadian operation was an important success, even if the larger British and French offensive, of which it had been a part, had failed. But it was victory at a heavy cost: 3,598 Canadians were killed and another 7,000 wounded.

Vimy became a symbol for the sacrifice of the young Dominion. The gleaming white marble and haunting sculptures of the Vimy Memorial, unveiled in 1936, stand as a terrible and poignant reminder of the 11,285 Canadian soldiers killed in France who have no known graves.

We remember the battle of Vimy Ridge and our brave soldiers in pictures here:










Join us in remembering and honoring our heroes on¬†the 96th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. After all, they were our great great grandfathers and uncles…

Like us, if you are in Calgary today, and wish to pay our soldiers respect, visit the Military Museum at Calgary. Meet you there!


Top 5 ways to be a Rocking Budget Mom

Being a mom is hard by itself. Being a mom and Being on a budget? Now that is something else altogether. It is an everyday Challenge that only a few smart, strong moms have been able to conquer.

The United states has 5 Million stay at home moms! (Source) Which means others are surviving with a single income. Once you get the hang of things, being a Budget Mom is going to be a cakewalk for you.

Here are the TOP 5 ways to be a Rocking Budget Mom

1. Review and Cut unnecessary expenses

This is the first step in being a successful Budget Mom. Review and reassess every service you are spending on? Blogger mom Kat, from agrees with us.


This will take a while, but sit down and make a list of things you spend on every month. Like a Budget of sorts. Sit with this list and ask yourself if you need to be spending in these places. Do you really need to buy so many shoes? Do you really need that extra cable connection for the bedroom? Be heartless if you need to and cut the expenses to the bare minimum.

2. If you can make it, DO NOT BUY it!

I know its cute to dress the lil ones up as superheroes and princesses. Cute, not necessarily comfortable. Remember that kids outgrow clothes in a matter of weeks, You don’t need to buy so many new clothes for them. Try and¬†re-purpose¬†your comfortable T-shirts and skirts into cute clothes for them. You can make that tutu at home! With a little creativity, even a whole lot of Halloween costumes¬†for less than half the store price.

I am not talking only about clothes here. Earlier, popular blogger Jeniffer Reese realised that except cream cheese, most kitchen staples worked a lot cheaper when you make it at home! That brings us to the next point.

3. Make the food at home.

Making meals at home is not only Budget friendly, it is healthy too! A great tip from Blogger mom Bibi from Use seasonal fruits and vegetables to churn up a fun meal!


Did you know you can save about $40 per week, or more than $2,000 a year, by just cutting formulas and bottles? Breast feed your baby. It is a lot more healthy than bottled formulas. And mash up those fruits and sweet potato yourself! Trust me, Solid food made at home could make your kid smarter and stronger.

Also, cooking at home with your kids can pull you closer, and give them a fun activity to look forward to as well!

Mother and Daughter Baking Together

4. Become a coupon superstar

If you didn’t know already, a whole lot of sites out there give away discount coupons for free. Use them. Don’t feel shy to ask the person on the store counter if there is an extra discount you can avail.¬†However, remember that you do not need to buy something just because it is on discount. Read up on using coupons wisely¬†and you might just end up saving 100s of dollars from your monthly budget.

5. Exchange Baby stuff

Start or join a swap club with moms in your area. There are some FB groups that do this as well. Give away stuff that your baby has outgrown or doesn’t use and get new stuff in exchange. Also consider selling unused baby stuff on sites like, etc. Some stores also let you return the products, if gently used for money. Don’t be shy to ask.


Now those are just the Top 5 ways, in my view. But there are hundreds of other methods and tips to save on your family budget and we will keep you updated on all of them every now and then!


Also, Head over to for some free coupons, put together especially in helping you be a successful Budget Mom! Feel free to request for specific coupons too! We’ll do the best we can.

It‚Äôs A Matter of Superior Service

Raincheck‚Äôs success story lies behind a number of key factors. One of them is the company‚Äôs realization of what problems and challenges merchants have faced and continue to face with other so-called ‚Äúdiscount coupon‚ÄĚ companies. In the age of turbo social-marketing one has to take into consideration if there is any value coming from deep discounts offered by ‚Äúdiscount companies‚ÄĚ and what impact they have on the brand. The answer to the above question is: nearly no value coming from these deep discounts and the impact on the brand is mostly negative because for consumers, psychologically, equating deep discount with low value. Hence a downgraded brand is the usual net result.

We have also noticed that many merchants do not know about an incredible promotional service offered by Raincheck. And that is a 6-month excellent management of their social media marketing. During this six-month period, we will look at what your footprint in the convoluted world of social media is like and where you stand in it. We will hear the sentiment out there about your brand and evaluate what type of marketing reaction should be put in place to augment your brand further, or in many cases, lift your brand positioning from its negative territory and move it to the positive territory.

Once we decide the direction of your social media marketing, we embark on creating content and campaigns based on how you want your brand to be perceived in the marketplace. It is our job to communicate the Raincheck benefits to your audience and engage them accordingly. The result is increase in your brand awareness and, thus, more competition among your audience to buy your rainchecks.

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