4 steps to a brand new Living room

So I was just off doing some Monday morning Browsing when this post hit my eye! And guess what happened? It planted an idea in my head! The Idea quote from Inception Ah! Leo! *Swoooon*.Ok. I digress. Thing is, I suddenly want a living room makeover! At least a dream makeover plan for later! After I feverishly pinned away a whole lot of Living room ideas, I took a good look at my current Living room. You remember how I was thinking about getting a new couch in my Spring Cleaning post? For some reason, I procrastinated! Now I understand why! Our living room is compact! I like it that way. I am not comfortable with huge living rooms. It has a couple of large windows facing the lawn. We had painted the walls grey initially when we were in that Grey phase. Planning to change it altogether now. Here are the steps to planning out (Or dreaming about) a living room makeover!

1. Pick a Color Palette 

I guess this has to be the very first step. If you are stuck with matching the best colors with each other, take some help from COLOURLOVERSAs for me, this is the palette I am considering: COLOURlovers

I know it looks bland as a palette. But Maybe if you look at this one, you might kind of an idea. But I am looking at a lot more subtle version of this one!

Nice right? Now that we have chosen the color palette, its time to move to step 2!

2. Take measurements & Make a layout

This one is a little obvious right? We need to plan what goes where. Especially if your living room is a little small, like mine, this step is very important. We can end up cluttering the space too much otherwise! First measure out the room, and note it down. Decide how much of the floor space you can give for furniture. If you want your living room to be breezy, this can’t be more than 40% of your floor space. Next, take a paper and pen and draw out the shape of your room and then decide what things you want to add to it! A seating area and a TV might be almost mandatory. Do you want to put a book shelf and maybe a little home office there? Whatever, just draw it down.

Make a hand-drawn layout


3. Start Shopping!

Here comes the fun part. From the wall paints to the carpets, we need to shop or window shop all the elements of the room. The Walls In my case, I am painting the walls white. I will be using Sherwin Williams High Reflective White. I am using this discount coupon to get $10 off on this! But I am going to paint just one wall, Mandarin Orange. And then add to it a nice White frames, or a Bold “Keep Calm and Carry On” or something like this: The Sofa

I really need to give extra attention to this one. My husband takes the term “Living room” literally. He LIVES on the sofa, for most of the day. However, I am not going to let that affect my budget! I am considering this 2 + 1 combo for the Sofa. They are already on sale.. But I am using this coupon to get an extra 10% off Coffee Table I am really liking this Coffee table from Surplus Furniture to go with the sofas. The extra tables should do nicely near the window with a vase and near the sofa with a lamp! Considering they have a Buy a sofa and get a coffee table for a penny Offer , I might just change my mind about the sofa if I find something nice in their store!

Curtains, lamps and other accessories

The plan right now is to get Teal curtains, Yellow lamp, Orange, yellow and teal cushions, and some funky trinkets to go on the table! I intend to shop mostly at stores with discount to save on the money side!

and how cool are these kid chairs.. Might just add one in Yellow and one in Teal if it comes at a reasonable price:

4. Get your family involved

Let them be a part of the design and shopping as well. That way, the living room will truly become the family room.

That is it! 4 steps for a brand new Living Room 🙂 What colors are you going with and what furniture are you dreaming about. Would love to hear all about it. Add your comments.. Will mean a lot to me!

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