5 steps to be Hot in glasses!

Oooooooh! Johnny!

Take one good look at Johnny Depp and tell me again that one can’t look hot in glasses? Ha! Got you there dint I?

So my friend has been prescribed glasses and she came home in tears and cried like her life was over! It took Johnny Depp, Heidi Klum, Megan Fox, and some joint glass shopping to make her smile, but yeah! It was worth it!

So I figured, I will tell you what we figured out together, on looking hot in glasses.

1. It is alright! Nothing changes!

The first thing to realize is that glasses do not change ANYTHING! Wearing a glass cannot take away what a nice person you are in the first place. So stay calm. Don’t act different cos you now have glasses to wear. Nothing has changed and nothing will. Relax alright?

2. Pick the perfect glass for you!

This is the tricky part. Take a friend or a sibling with you for the glass shopping. Try things on. 2 things you have to look. COMFORT and FIT. Comfort – ok! That part is self explanatory. Considering your main purpose behind buying glasses is to be able to see clearly, make sure your glasses solve that purpose, and don’t hurt you in the process, especially on your ear or nose.

Next part, see which glass looks good on your face. Take the opinion of your friend here seriously, cos they are the ones that see you. Here is a really good resource on finding the right style of glasses for your face.

And, NO NEON COLORS unless you are completely sure you can carry it off!

Get the glass that suits your face best!

3. Save on the Price!

OK. So once you have picked a style of glass for yourself, go on home and buy it online. You can get the same glass for almost half the price! What happens here is that you psychologically feel a lot happier when you finally get your glasses. Cos you saved money on it! And it kind of translates into your relationship with your glasses. You feel proud and comfortable about them. Talk about a Win-Win!

Happy Glasses! yay!

4. Get a Backup Glass!

Just in case there is an issue with your glass and you need to give it away for service, get a backup glass and keep it in your cupboard. This could even be cheap plastic glasses that come in various designs anyway! Something like this should work. And it comes with a 20% discount!

5.  Maintain those glasses!

This could very well be the most important step. Clean your glasses regularly and make sure it is given for service at least once a year. Only dirty, unclean glasses could make you look like a dork. Not the cool, clean fun ones. They actually make you look stylish for that matter! Hot even 😉

And it is that simple! So stop fretting friends. The glass could very well just make you hotter! Let me know what you think about this on the comments section. Would love to hear more from you!

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